10 Most Common Myths About Muscle Building

10 Most Common Myths About Muscle Building

You might hear countless myths about muscle building. Many times different advices can confuse you while you are trying to build your muscle. This article will help you put all of the bro-science behind and discover some of the biggest muscle building myths that you have been thinking as true.

Myths About Muscle Building

Myth# 1: Gaining A Pound Within A Week

This is definitely not true. Even if you push yourself hard and follow a strict workout routine, you could only gain one pound biweekly at maximum.  However, your diet will play a crucial role in this regard, and is more important than your workout routine.

Myth# 2 Supplements Can Do the Magic

Such statements have nothing to do with your muscle growth as they can only be the way to advertise one’s product. While there are a number of supplements of muscle building available in the market, they cannot as lift your muscle growth as a proper healthy diet and workout techniques do.

Myth# 3: No Need Of Increasing the Food Quantity

This myth has caused many beginners to end up with disappointment in their muscle building efforts. Most people tend to associate weight lifting with muscle building. In fact, eating the same quantity of food is the main thing that can hold you back since you can lift weight but cannot build muscle if your body isn’t getting the required calories for the restoration of torn muscle tissues.

Myth# 4: Plenty of Protein Will Build Lots of Muscle

Consuming too much protein can only take other essential nutrients away from your body that it needs for repairing your torn muscles. Though protein is good to build muscle with, you shouldn’t focus on eating lots of protein only. Instead, take a balanced diet with all essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins to help yourself build muscles naturally.

Myth# 5: The More You Work out the More You Build Your Muscle

Once again, this is not true for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that by working out 6 days a week, you do not give your body enough time to rest, recover and hence build that muscle. In other words, weight lifting and other exercises stimulate muscle growth, and once it’s been done, you need to give your muscle enough time to repair, and new muscles to be built while you’re resting.

Myth# 6: There’s a Single Best Training

Unlike the above, every quality training program can help you achieve what you want to. In reality, it is more about making a small research to find a program that fits your schedule, budget, and assures you the best results. It is recommended to look for some customized approaches in order to decide on the best one. For instance, find someone who had the same body type as yours and start following the way they did. Remember, there are more standard exercises to build muscles than heavy weight lifting.

Myth# 7: Machines Will Build Muscle Quicker

This is exactly what some muscle builders especially beginners believe.  Instead of machines, free weights make your body work harder and so give excellent results. Machines can help beginners come in form and learn to grasp basic control but they limit the usefulness of the workout required for muscle building.

Myth# 8: Heavy Lifts Are Injurious For Women

It says women lifting heavy weights will end up in getting bulky. As a matter of fact, women have a more different way to produce testosterone and other potent factors than men. Unless the female muscle builder takes hormones or steroids, they are not going to get bulky.    

Myth# 9: Muscle Building Has Nothing to Do With Genetics

Many people believe that if their parents are naturally slim or have a small body frame then they too will have the same traits. But this never means anyone with the aforementioned case cannot build a strong muscular body as it just specifies that they will need to work harder.

Myth# 10: Long Training Sessions Do Wonders

Long training sessions are only a concern for those body builders who have developed their muscles and now looking to tone them. In fact, the idea can cause the catabolic hormone levels of your body to increase dramatically that eventually breaks down your muscle tissues and ends up in losing muscles. Therefore, make sure you do not undergo a weight training session of more than 75 minutes.     

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